Why Choose Us

At Premier Prep Online Academy (PPOA), we took the typical school experience and turned it on its head to meet students where they are—physically, emotionally and academically—to give Arizona students the freedom to work at their own pace, in a space that works best for them, while also pursuing their passions and talents.

Our Program

PPOA is the only free, public school in Arizona to offer a flexible learning schedule and school day in an online environment. Students work closely with an advisor to develop a program customized to their needs. We provide courses through blended and online learning options. We invite you to learn more about our program and how it works.

Scheduling Freedom

PPOA allows students who cannot complete the required instructional minutes Monday through Friday to work on the weekends or when they have extra time throughout the school year. For example, a student who travels for a club basketball team can distribute their instructional minutes before or after their traveling days without being considered absent.

Scheduling freedom creates a sense of personal accountability by allowing students to plan their time to keep up with their courses without the crushing expectation of “make-up” work.

Who We Serve

PPOA serves a community of Arizona students with exceptional talents in athletics, music, the arts, equestrian/rodeo, dance, and academics who desire a flexible school day option to succeed both in school and their talent-driven pursuits. Additionally, we serve students who desire to pursue Career and Technical Certifications, concurrent enrollment at colleges or universities, or who want to graduate from high school early.

What We Do

PPOA provides Arizona students a free, public education with flexible learning options and scheduling without the restrictions imposed by traditional schooling.

Our educational philosophy and academic program create opportunities for students to develop their critical thinking, communication, creative, and collaborative skills. Additionally, we guide our students in developing a service-minded approach to the world around them.

How We Do It

We created an academic environment designed to complement the extracurricular pursuits of our students. With the guidance of qualified instructors and counselors, students design a course load and schedule to accommodate their training schedules and goals.

  • We understand that our students are engaged in exceptional activities requiring discipline, hard work, and tremendous time commitments. We work with students to ensure academic success while they concurrently pursue their passion.
  • We equip and prepare PPOA students for a lifetime of learning and engagement within their communities by creating opportunities for students to serve others. We accomplish this through collaboration and community engagement and by cultivating an environment that encourages healthy social and emotional development.
  • We recognize that the career path of each talent-driven student looks different. Whether focused on athletics, the arts, career and technical education, or concurrent enrollment in college level courses while in junior high or high school, we create opportunities for our students to engage in these activities by providing a learning environment that caters to those aspirations.