Our Program

Premier Prep Online Academy (PPOA) is a new concept in online instruction developed specifically for talent-driven students. We recognize that many students have interests, talents, and passions outside of the classroom and regular school day. At PPOA, we work closely with these students and families to customize a learning experience with flexible learning options. We give students the power to pursue their talents on a school schedule that works best for them.

Our Mission

Premier Prep Online Academy equips talent-driven students through high quality education and personal development and prepares them with a foundation for life-long learning to be productive, engaged citizens.

Our Vision

Students at Premier Prep Online Academy are equipped to handle the unique challenges being a talent-driven student brings by rising to their full potential on and off the COURT.

Real-life Leaders
Talent Driven

Blended Learning

We put students in the driver’s seat so they can decide how much or how little to engage with instructors and peers in a face-to-face environment. Students choose from our full spectrum of blended learning options—from 100 percent asynchronous online learning to face-to-face interaction with instructors via video conferencing or with a tutor at a Community Learning Space.

Community Learning Space

PPOA has created partnerships at existing community spaces such as public libraries and community centers to facilitate group learning opportunities. Additionally, we work with community centers and city resources to provide in-person tutors to students in these community spaces.


At PPOA, we focus on developing caring, service-minded adolescents and young adults. Talent-driven students are uniquely equipped to volunteer and serve the surrounding community because of their flexible school schedule. We look for opportunities throughout the school year to serve others and intentionally build relationships with community partners where our students have frequent opportunities to volunteer. Through small and simple acts, such as reading to a child to providing a meal for an elderly neighbor to the gift of clean water to the homeless, PPOA students share their light with their community.

Senior Legacy Project

Students enrolled as seniors at PPOA complete a year-long Legacy Project designed to engage them in the surrounding community. Working alone or with a small group, students identify a need in their community, design a project or solution to meet the need, present their findings, and solicit funding to implement their solution. This is one of many ways that PPOA prepares students to be leaders on and off the court.